Bus Driver Fired After Asking ISD 281 Student to Pick Up Gun

A Metropolitan Transportation Network bus driver was fired after asking a Robbinsdale Middle School student to bring a gun onto the bus.

A Metropolitan Transportation Network bus driver has been fired after stopping at an intersection and asking a seventh-grade Robbinsdale Middle School student to pick up a gun and bring it on the bus.

The incident occurred on Nov. 8 around 8 a.m. The district immediately took action after the driver notified school employees about the weapon.

Fridley Patch reported that Metropolitan Transportation Network owner Tashitaa Tufaa said the driver ignored "very huge signs" inside the bus that prohibit drivers from stopping alongside the road to pick up items.

"Even if they see a $20 bill, they cannot pick it up," Tufaa said. "They are supposed to call their supervisor immediately."

Instead of calling a supervisor, the bus driver continued on the route to school. Upon arriving at the school, he told staff that he would turn the gun into his dispatch office.

Accorind to Fridley Patch the driver did not get a chance to bring the gun back to Fridley, which is where the bus company is located. Instead, another bus replaced his, and the Minnesota State Patrol, local police and Metropolitan Transportation Network's safety team responded.


District 281 Bus Driver Asks Student to Pick Up Gun


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