VIDEO: Hopkins Grad’s Lorde Parody Takes on Life After High School

Molly Dworsky remade Lorde’s song ‘Royals’ to mock the difficulties of aging.

Does adult life seem a little bit less glamorous than you imagined in high school? That’s the subject of a new parody by Hopkins grad Molly Dworsky.

The song—with a title card reading "Borde"—riffs on the chart-topping song “Royals” by Lorde. In the video, posted Tuesday, Dworsky bemoans aging bodies, retirement account worries and “songs written by a kid a probably used to babysit.” The video is full of scenes shot at Hopkins High School.

“We used to be Royals. How is that 10 years ago? Seems like yesterday 2004. I wish I had another go,” Dworsky sings in the chorus.

Check out the video in the player above or click here.


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