(VIDEO) Hopkins Education Foundation Awards $80,000 in Grants

The grants provide money for school programs and technology.

Hopkins students will be able to take advantage of a host of exciting programs and technologies thanks to $80,000 in grants that the Hopkins Education Foundation just awarded.

The foundation provides money for programs and technology that the school district wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. It also accelerates pilot programs and provides new technology for the classrooms—including interactive white boards, college planning software and data collection devices. The foundation has given nearly $2 million to Hopkins schools since 1995.

This year the organization awarded five grants.

Expanding Elementary Classroom Libraries (Bonnie Hild): Increases non-fiction offerings and provides additional options for readers.

Learning to Focus with Biofeedback (, Chris King and Aaron Osland): Provides biofeedback software that will be used to teach techniques to create a more balanced emotional state. The software will be used in the computer lab and with handheld units for classrooms.

Mobile Film Lab (, Kevin Kos): A mobile, dedicated film lab with laptops and cameras. This rolling cart will allow students to create and publish their work in subjects ranging from English to science.

Career Paths to Independence: PAES (, Kara Amos): This “Practical Assessment Exploration System” simulates a work environment for students with individual education plans, encouraging students to become as independent as possible.  PAES ensures Hopkins complies with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, while providing a cost savings.

Mathematics Lab: Real-World Applications (Hopkins High School, Anthony Padrnos): Uses TI-Nspire CX math technology to help students understand how math is relevant outside of school


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