What Do You Think of Hopkins’ Business Climate?

Presenters shared opinions from various groups at last week’s business forum. Check out what they had to say and then share your own thoughts.

On Thursday, the city hosted a “Hopkins Business Forum” to exchange ideas about Hopkins’ future. As part of that event, presenters showcased what businesses, residents and outsiders thought of Hopkins current environment.

Check out the comments below and then share your thoughts on how well they reflect your own feelings about the city. Are they spot on? Did they miss an important point? Do outsiders get Hopkins?

Share your opinions in the comments section below.


Thoughts from the Business Community

Perspectives on Hopkins from businesses of various sizes

  • “We are excited about the future of Hopkins. There is a lot going on; light rail has a huge potential for us.”
  • “We are a small town on the edge of Minneapolis; we are not a suburb.”
  • “It is important to have effective working and personal relations with our local elected officials and city staff.”
  • “I like Hopkins; our city officials are not too intrusive; they work hard to make things flow smoothly.”
  • “Hopkins is a gold mine that needs to be mined.”
  • “Hopkins has a great location—we are an older city and ripe for redevelopment.”
  • “The City has to be a catalyst and leader in development and redevelopment.”
  • “Our business is more engaged at the state and national level than with the City. Yet we want to be a partner in this community. We want to be part of the dialogue even if we don’t engage day to day.”
  • “The business base in Hopkins has evolved well over the past decade. It is exciting to see the growth occur. This business forum opens dialogue on priorities and future city goals.”

Perspective from the Outside

How Hopkins might appear to an outsider

  • Great sense of place
  • Small, quaint
  • Untapped potential
  • Traditional
  • Hidden in the metro area
  • Distinctive

Securing Your Future

Advice for Hopkins moving forward

  • Large enough to make a difference; small enough to care—take advantage of that unique urban quality.
  • Build on the foundation you have started. Create continuing opportunities for dialog.
  • Partner to establish mutual development goals—aggressive but realistic.
  • Find time to make a personal difference. Accept the invitation to participate lead and volunteer.


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