Weekly Update From the City of Hopkins

Phase one of the Gallery Flats apartments is going up rapidly. The first building is being constructed along Eighth Avenue and will have 73 units.

It has been a busy summer for construction in Hopkins. The exterior work on Crossroads Plaza, at the old Mayon Plastics site, has been completed. Permits have been issued for interior work to accommodate tenants.

The other new commercial center, Knollwood Crossings on Blake Road, should be announcing its tenants soon. Several eating establishments as well as other businesses are proposed for the site.

The developer has broken ground on for another four town homes at Marketplace and Main. Three town homes are almost completed on the 7th Avenue side of the site. The four additional town homes will face Main Street.

Phase one of the Gallery Flats apartments is going up rapidly. The first building is being constructed along Eighth Avenue and will have 73 units. Occupancy is expected next spring. The second building will be constructed along Ninth Avenue and will have 90 units.


Affordable Apartment Proposed for Blake Road Corridor

In 2010, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District purchased the Minnehaha Terrace apartments for $1.365 million as part of the Cottageville Park/Minnehaha Creek improvement project. At that time there was a concern from some about the loss of 24 affordable rental units, and others were concerned about the loss of tax base.

This year Project for Pride in Living, Inc. (PPL), is proposing to purchase six duplexes north of Cottageville Park and replace them with a 51-unit affordable housing apartment building. The duplexes are older structures, several of which have maintenance issues.

The proposed apartment building, called Oxford Green, would be located immediately to the north of the expanded Cottageville Park and be located within 1/2 mile of the future Blake Station on the Southwest LRT Green Line.

The building would be four stories in height along Blake Road and step down to three stories along Oxford Street. The project includes a landscaped pedestrian connection from Oxford Street to Cottageville Park to allow area residents easy access to the park. The developer is proposing a combination of underground and surface parking.

While the purchase and demolition of the 24 Minnehaha Terrace apartments was not part of the PPL project, in the end a total of 36 affordable units will be replaced by 51 new affordable units. And, while the apartments and duplexes were affordable because of their age and condition, the PPL project consists of brand new apartments. 

Also, PPL has a reputation as a long term owner and manager of affordable housing units in the twin cities and the new units will be managed by a single entity as opposed to multiple land owners with varying degrees of oversight.  Finally, the proposed PPL project will have a market value of approximately $7 million as opposed to a total market value of about $2.2 million for Minnehaha Terrace and the duplexes.

Eric Anondson August 24, 2013 at 11:25 AM
I had forgotten about the apartments and other rentals that were demolished to expand and make the park more visible.
Mike B. August 24, 2013 at 12:54 PM
"Affordable" or more commonly know as Section 8 housing, is a concern to neighboring Hopkins' residents. Market rate housing has proven to be the best predicator of a city that is attractive to new residents. Saint Louis Park, and existing "affordable" housing in Hopkins, have- to no one's surprise, contributed to the double-digit rise in crime in both cities. Edina, take note!!! No subsidized housing in Edina! We want Edina to remain a safe, prosperous city!
KENNETH TOENJES August 27, 2013 at 11:06 AM
does anyone know or even care where these displaced residents are supposed to find new or even affordable housing? HOPKINS has only so many vacancies


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