Simon Supports Background Checks for Private Sales at Gun Shows

The District 46 legislator, who represents Hopkins and St. Louis Park, voted in favor of a proposal to tighten gun control measures Thursday.

Hopkins and St. Louis Park Rep. Steve Simon was among the 10 legislators in the House Public Safety Committee on Thursday who advanced a bill that would require background checks for private sales at gun shows.

The committee passed the bill on a mostly party line vote—although Rep. John Ward, a Baxter DFLer, voted with Republicans against the bill. The bill also contains

The bill does not require universal background checks on gun sales because the idea did not have enough supporters on the committee. However, the Senate version of the bill requires universal background checks and an amendment is likely to be offered on the House floor.

The bill also contains less-controversial measures to keep guns away from people who shouldn’t have them.

Watch the debate and the vote in the video above.

Gerald Mortenson March 23, 2013 at 05:15 PM
Background checks are done now at gun shows. Peace Officers are on site and ID' are checked. Saying school children can purchase firearms by pitching their linch money up on the tables is absurd.


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