Sequestration’s Impact on Hopkins Schools Should Be Minimal

Federal funding makes up a small portion of the district’s revenue.

Hopkins Public Schools does not plan to replace money lost from the sequestration with state or local funds and does not expect to lose any staff, said John Toop, the district’s business services director.

The district stands to lose 5.7 percent of its federal funding, but federal money made up just 4.5 percent, or $3.6 million, of the district’s revenue in 2012. That money would not be lost until the 2013-14 school year because federal money is forward-funded, according to National Public Radio.

Much of the money is concentrated just two areas. The district receives about $1.6 million in federal money that goes toward special education. With sequestration, that total drops by about $92,000.

The district had already been planning for a 10 percent cut that was made possible through a retirement and a related restructuring, Toop said.

Hopkins also receives about $800,000 in so-called Title I funding that goes to schools with high concentrations of poverty. The district loses about $46,000 in Title I money under sequestration.

The person in charge of that program is out until next week, but Toop said he does not expect the district to cut staff or use other sources to replace money lost through sequestration.

He added that with the district’s federally funded programs, the revenues equal the expense—meaning a decrease in federal money will be automatically offset without dipping into state or local sources.


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