RECAP: The Keith Ellison-Chris Fields KFAI Debate Scuffle

Ellison called Fields a lowlife scumbag while Fields attacked Ellison for his low child support payments.

Thursday's debate at KFAI Radio's studio between Rep. Keith Ellison and Republican candidate Chris Fields was a fiery one, complete with low-blows and name-calling.

In case you missed any of the action, Patch was in studio catching all the details:

  • REPLAY: Rep. Keith Ellison's Name-Calling Gets Vulgar in Angry Debate
  • AUDIO: Hear the Low Points of Thursday's Fractious Ellison-Fields Debate
  • Ellison: 'I Acted Beneath My Personal Standard'
  • What Happened in KFAI Studio During Keith Ellison-Chris Fields Debate
  • Fields: 'Keith Ellison Proved He Cannot Deliver'


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Greg Staffa October 21, 2012 at 01:29 AM
I hope this isn't the real Keith Ellison were seeing. I was a Union member which is one of Keith Ellison biggest Union donors. During the Delta Merger I lost my job due to discrimination. I took it to court and won but before things were righted I slipped through the cracks. Quickly the union was voted out and I was left alone. I had lost my job and by 2009 I lost my home. December 2009 I became homeless. My story was on the front page of the Star Tribune. Keith Ellison claims to fight against discrimination. He claims to fight for workers. And one day Keith Ellison reached out to me. For the first time while homeless I found hope. Hope because Ellison had connections to the people at Delta. He told them during the merger he was going to hold them accountable. It gave me hope because according to my union contract My work injury that left me disabled should never have cost me my job and home. So Ellison reaches out to me via twitter and says "Contact at my office" I am quickly told that Ellison is too busy to meet with me. It confused me because it was Ellison who reached out to me. So I reply to Ellison via twitter what I was told and he replies that what I was told wasnt true and he needed to find time. At some point Ellison blocked me on twitter. That was 338 days ago. Still no meeting. If Keith Ellison can't keep his word to a homeless man then who? Keith you can reach me at Greg.staffa@hotmail.com But maybe Ellison thinks the Homeless are scumbags


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