Minnesota Daily: 'Re-Elect Ellison For Congress'

Election Day is less than 24 hours away.

With less than 24 hours until Election Day, there's no doubt that Rep. Keith Ellison and his Republican opponent, Chris Fields, are making their final cases to gain voters' support.

Patch reached out to both candidates and asked them to fill out a basic online profile. Click on the name of the candidate to see their respective profile.

  • *Keith Ellison (D)
  • Chris Fields (R)

In addition, each candidate maintains a campaign website:

In other news:

Minnesota Daily Editorial Board Endorses Ellison

The Editorial Board of the Minnesota Daily, the University of Minnesota student newspaper, made its case for the re-election of Ellison Monday morning.

"Ellison has had a long relationship with the community he represents," the board said in an article. "Ellison’s commitment to solving the problems of his district originated in his empathy and experience fighting in the trenches of our community and state Legislature."

While the article commends Fields for his efforts to help the community, the board believes Ellison is the best man for the job—despite his choice words during the KFAI Radio debate Oct. 18.

"Though his campaign has not been without controversy, such as the poor language used against his opponent during a recent debate, Ellison’s legislative record proves he is the best candidate for our district," the article stated. "Fields is worthy of praise for his effort as a recent resident to help our community, but it is with Ellison that our best interests are represented."

Read the full story here.

Ellison Makes Final Push For Defeat of Proposed Amendments

After researchers at Public Policy Polling issued the results of a new survey Sunday suggesting both constitutional amendments on the ballot could fail, Ellison said the new numbers were encouraging.

“This encouraging news is the result of thousands of volunteers getting out the word out about just how wrong these amendments are for Minnesota,” Ellison said in a press release Sunday. “We’ve found that the more people know about the amendment’s high costs and serious consequences, the less they like it—so it’s not the ‘slam dunk’ that some said it would be. Now that the tide is turning it’s time to bring it home and totally defeat these amendments on Tuesday.

“Your vote is crucial to the future of this state and of our country,” Ellison added. “Your vote matters.”


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