Met Council Awards Hopkins $26K for Lutheran Digest Site

The money will investigate what cleanup is necessary for the site.

Hopkins has once again collected on a grant that will assist with downtown development.

The Metropolitan Council on Wednesday awarded Hopkins $26,200 to help with cleanup at the Lutheran Digest site on Ninth Avenue that’s to be part of .

The money is part of $2.4 million in “brownfield cleanup funding” that went to 13 redevelopment projects in seven communities across the metro.

“The Council awards cleanup funds twice a year and they are an important tool we use to create jobs and promote economic development,” Council Chairwoman Susan Haigh was quoted in a news release. “Resources we’re allocating this funding round will help clean up nearly 40 acres, create or retain 700 jobs, increase the net tax base by $1.2 million, help to produce 421 affordable housing units and encourage $200 million in private investment. That’s a great return on our investment.”

This year, 21 projects requested about $4.2 million total in brownfield cleanup money.

The Lutheran Digest funding is a “Contamination Site Investigation” grant. It will help pay for environmental assessments, a hazardous materials survey, an asbestos emission control plan and development of a response action plan for the site.

That site will be combined with the adjacent Eighth Avenue property that was once the site of the Park Nicollet Clinic. Klodt plans a 163-unit complex on the two sites.

The development, which will eventually have retail space on Eighth Avenue, is intended to be part of a pedestrian-seductive corridor that will entice future light-rail passengers into the downtown from a stop planned across Excelsior Boulevard.


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