Meet the Candidate: David Arvidson

With the filing deadline behind us, Patch looks at the local candidates for legislative offices.

Editor's Note: This week, Patch will be running bios on the candidates for District 46 seats. These races will be decided during the General Election on Nov. 6. Today, we look at David Arvidson, the Republican challenger in House District 46B.

David Arvidson

Party: Republican

District: House District 46B

Political Experience: Has not run before; has worked on various campaigns, including Chris Fields for Congress

Occupation: Semi-retired engineer

Education: Dunwoody College of Technology (studied electrical engineering)

Home: Hopkins

Age: 53

Family: Single; has three daughters

Campaign Points/Goals:

  • Supports a libertarian political philosophy. "If you want to take anything from me—including my money—I'm opposed to it."
  • Said he also wants to show the Republican Party that the libertarian movement is "serious" and has legitimate policy ideas.
  • Is opposed to the proposed marriage amendment. "What do I care (if gay people get married)?"
  • Said he would have voted against the Vikings stadium bill, and called the deal "incredibly awful."
  • Supports the voter photo ID amendment proposal, saying that the days of simply being able to vouch for each other are gone. "We just can't do that anymore. Every vote is so very important. We need to prevent fraud."


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