(VIDEO) Long-Distance Neighbors

Hopkins welcomes its new sister city of Boryspil.

Hopkins welcomed visitors from Boryspil on Tuesday as residents of the Ukrainian city got an in-depth look at their newly designated sister city.

The delegation included a Boryspil city councilman, a student and professor from the Ukrainian National Academy of Public Administration and other Ukrainian government and business leaders.  

Boryspil is a city of more than 57,000 people in the northern part of the Ukraine that dates to at least the 1100s. 

The visit continues a “civic engagement” exchange that began when Mayor Gene Maxwell and other Minnesota local government leaders .

Richard and Irina Fursman—president and vice president, respectively, of executive search firm Brimeyer Fursman—organized the Boryspil trip to help residents over there get involved in local government. Irina Fursman is originally from the Ukraine.

The Ukrainians’ visit to Hopkins focused on how local government here works with businesses and volunteer organizations to make the community a better place.

Hopkins gave the Ukrainians an extensive tour of the city.

  • The delegation visited local facilities—such as , the , , the and the and departments.
  • They attended a council meeting, where Hopkins formally approved a resolution establishing the sister city relationship.
  • They toured Cargill’s corporate campus, the warehouse and Midland Glass Co.

The day concluded with a ceremony at the Hopkins Center for the Arts that included musical performances and a performance by

By the time the Americans and Ukrainians clinked their glasses together for the final toast of the evening, the group had formed warm relationships that go beyond the formal documents signed in City Council chambers. 


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