Local Democrats, Republicans Stress Primary Voting

Both parties have unique situations this election season.

Local Democrats and Republicans are both urging voters to get out for the Aug. 14 primary—and both have unique reasons for doing so.

On the Democratic side, incumbent Rep. Keith Ellison has a good chance of once again representing Minnesota's 5th District in Congress. But local party activist Mike Hindin wants to make sure that voters remember he has to get through a primary first.

Ellison, in fact, has two Democratic opponents—Gregg Iverson and Gary Boisclair. Boisclair has stirred up controversy by releasing graphic , and has been running . Some accuse him of launching the primary to exploit a loophole that allows the airing of graphic anti-abortion ads. Boisclair, himself, 

Hindin said local DFLers need to make sure Boisclair's run ends this month.

"The purpose of a primary is for each party to chose its best candidate, not for one party to influence the selection of another party's candidate," he wrote in an email.

Republicans, meanwhile, need to make sure that someone that doesn't want to win actually does.

Paul Scofield, who filed as a Republican challenger for the Senate District 46 seat currently held by Ron Latz, announced at a forum last week that he would instead be , Roger Champagne. Scofield can't formally withdraw his candidacy because he missed the deadline to do so, meaning his name will remain on the primary ballot.

Party leaders said at a recent organizing meeting that voters need to make sure that Champagne, and not Scofield, advances to the Nov. 6 general election.


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