Hopkins Precinct Boundaries, Polling Locations Remain Unchanged

The City Council re-approved the existing precincts and polling places Tuesday.

Hopkins voters won’t have to search hard for their polling places in the upcoming election.

The City Council re-approved the existing precincts and polling places Tuesday as part of a required review that comes every 10 years.

By law, city governments must review all precinct boundaries and polling locations following the redistricting process that takes place after the U.S. Census.

After their review, city staff determined that the existing boundaries and location meet the legal requirements.

Even though precincts aren’t changing, every registered voter will receive a notice from Hennepin County of where his or her polling place is located.

While Hopkins precincts won't change, the courts did make , as well as congressional districts. The Senate district in which Hopkins sits gained additional area and was renumbered to Senate District 46. Hopkins' House district stayed largely the same, although it became House District 46B.

Hopkins will also be entirely within the 5th Congressional District instead of being split between the 3rd and 5th Districts, as it was before.

Polling locations

Precinct Location Registered voters 1

412 Fifth Ave. N.

1400 2

241 Fifth Ave. N.

1992 3

1010 First St. S.

1503 4

33 14th Ave. N.

1375 5

801 Minnetonka Mills Road

1561 6

101 17th Avenue South



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