Ellison Votes Against Raising Debt Ceiling

The Congressman's vote was also echoed by other Minnesota members of Congress ... on both sides of the aisle.

After a heated and divided campaign season, Republicans and Democrats from Minnesota found some common ground last week.

Reps. Michele Bachmann (R) and Keith Ellison (D) both voted against increasing the government's debt ceiling for four months Jan. 23. DFLer Betty McCollum, who represents Minnesota's fourth congressional district, also voted against the measure.

"Giving the president four months of unlimited borrowing authority without a cap on spending is something I cannot support," Bachmann reportedly said.

According to the Star Tribune, debt deal proposed by House Speaker John Boehner leaves the $16.4 trillion ceiling where it is, but allows continued borrowing to take place until a new May 18 deadline. Despite the bipartisan agreement against the measure, it passed 285-144.

The week before last, Ellison called for the abolishment of the debt ceiling.

According to MPR, Ellison said the debt ceiling was a poorly understood issue.

"Raising the debt ceiling is not like calling up the credit card company to increase your credit limit so you can go spend more money," Ellison said at a press conference Jan. 16. "It's much more like borrowing so you pay for things you already bought."

Kevin Maleck January 29, 2013 at 06:47 AM
"Hello Visa? Yeah...I ...um...well, I bought this giant new LCD flat screen television and 25 pounds of chicken wings for the Superbowl and well...I'm going to need to borrow another $3 grand over my credit limit, ok? No, really...Keith said it's ok."


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