Man in Jail After Breaking Protection Order in Front of Police

When officers served Erich Jacob Beck with the protection order, he reportedly picked up his phone and called his girlfriend right away.

Say what you will about this guy, no one can accuse him of being sneaky.

Erich Jacob Beck, 40, of Minneapolis, is in Hennepin County jail after making a call to his girlfriend in front of officers right after they served him with an order for protection.

Police served Beck with the protection order Tuesday and told him that he was not to have any contact with his girlfriend, Officer Stacy Lakotas wrote in the charging documents.

Beck responded with, “I’m going to call her right now.”

Officers told him to stop and warned him that would be a direct violation of the protection order. However, he picked up his phone and called her anyway, according to the court documents.

Police checked the woman’s phone and confirmed that it had a missed call from “My Erich” at the time they were telling him to put the phone down.

Beck has been charged with violation of an order for protection. The charge is a felony because it comes less than two years after he was convicted of the first of two or more qualified domestic violence-related offenses.

He was convicted of domestic assault June 27, 2005, and convicted of fourth-degree assault July 7, 2009.

If he’s convicted of this latest offense, Beck could be sentenced to as many as five years in prison and fined up to $10,000.

He’s being held in Hennepin County jail. A bond recommendation has not been set by the judge for this charge, but he’s being held on $40,000 bond for a Minneapolis drunken driving bench warrant.


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