VIDEO: Three Men Save Friend’s Life at Meadowbrook Golf Course

Robert Grimm, Ken Noble and Dan Mengelkoch provided CPR after Dan Dorr collapsed.

Dan Dorr had just finished a round of golf with his friends Robert Grimm, Ken Noble and Dan Mengelkoch when he started to feel dizzy walking from the 18th hole to the Meadowbrook Golf Course clubhouse.

Mengelkoch grabbed his clubs, and Dorr lay down for a minute then started walking again. Soon after, though, he sat down in a planter.

At 1:30 p.m. Nov. 8, dispatchers received a 911 call that Dorr was not breathing and turning blue.

Luckily for Dorr, his friends were there to offer CPR. Noble started the chest compressions, and Mengelkoch began giving Dorr breaths. Meanwhile, Grimm held Dorr’s head to provide a good airway.

After an automated defibrillator arrived, Grimm put the pads on Dorr’s body so the machine could administer a shock.

“The three men worked together as a team to bring their friend back to life,” Fire Chief Dale Specken said. “Daniel Dorr is alive today due to the heroic efforts of these men. Their quick action in providing CPR saved Daniel Dorr’s life. Without their action, it is unlikely he would’ve survived.”

For their actions, Hopkins awarded Grimm, Noble and Mengelkoch the city’s Life Safety Award on Tuesday. The friends were full of smiles and laughter during the ceremony.

“I shot a 90. I was a little embarrassed,” Dorr joked.

“I did all the mouth-to-mouth piece. I did all the dirty work. I want to make sure you’re aware of that,” Noble added.

But Dorr realizes how fortunate he was to have his friends close by. He flatlined for a total of eight minutes—kept alive through their efforts.

“This is wonderful, man. These guys are wonderful,” Dorr said.


In addition to Dorr’s friends, the city also recognized Eliecer Ramirez Vargas and Rebecca Eckhoff for their efforts helping second floor residents to safety .

Hopkins fire and police went to the 800 block of Old Settlers Trail at 2:33 a.m. When they arrived, they found Vargas and Eckhoff standing on a patio table after lifting two residents from a second floor window.

“If not for their quick and heroic actions, the consequences could have been very tragic,” a city news release stated.


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