Level 3 Sex Offender Moving To Hopkins This Week

Kenneth Edward Dean, who was convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, is moving to Jackson Avenue North.

A registered sex offender is moving to Hopkins this week, Hopkins Police announced Monday.

Kenneth Edward Dean, 25, will be living in the 300 block of Jackson Avenue North. In 2008, Dean was convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony for which he was sentenced to 90 months in prison, according to court records.

Hopkins police will host a community notification meeting at 5 p.m. Thursday at  (715 Minnetonka Mills Road). 

Patch could not immediately determine how much of his sentence Dean served or where the offense took place.

Dean sexually assaulted a woman who did not know him, according to police. The contact involved penetration and a weapon that was brandished during the assault.

Dean has been categorized as a “Level III” offender, which means a committee believes there is a high risk he will commit another sex crime, according to state law.

Police Sgt. Michael Glassberg said Dean is just the second Level III offender to move into the community in the past several years.

State law requires law enforcement agencies to inform the community when a Level III offender moves into their jurisdiction.

Hopkins police emphasize that Dean is not wanted by police and has served his sentence.

“The Hopkins Police Department and our law enforcement partners believe that an informed public is a safer public,” an agency news release stated.

At Thursday's meeting, police will release additional information at the meeting and answer questions as allowed by the Minnesota Data Privacy Act.


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dont judge August 16, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Thanks for all the information seems like you have been doing a lot of research - I hope which is paid for- all people who commit crimes are not bad or evil-there is also two sides to every story. This is my brother and he is not a bad person and I am glad he will be watch as most adults need to be watched criminal or not. He made a mistake of bad judgement and had no money for a real attorney to defend the fact that he partied with this girl before the incounter and she knew who he was and that is how she pointed him out in the line up. There is a lot more to the story so please dont write what you are unaware about- only two people really know the story and that it the two people that were invovled. Everything else is from reports and reports always dries a fine line between the truth and the lie. By the way- he does not have a juvenile record which is why this was his first record of prison and/or jail time. While inprisoned he never gotten in trouble. He studied and graduated with his GED and the entire time in prison he hold a job and paid his restitution - He never been to segregation and never gotten into any kind of fights or misbehavior which is why he was eligible for numerous of programs that helped him and guided him to an early release. No one mentioned that he volunteered to stay on his ankle monitor for another 60days and that in his 2months of being released he has found a job. Please people do not judge a book by its cover. Everyone deserves a second chance.
dont judge August 16, 2012 at 08:39 PM
This also was not a child or a little girl- the victim was an adult female and no kids or little girls will be in harms way- he is an uncle and a brother and never had any problems of misbehaving- like I mentioned before the two had a encounter and it went to far- he has served his time.
Concerned Citizen August 17, 2012 at 12:54 AM
I am not judging, just stating the facts from public records. If what you say is true, then good for Mr. Dean. I really hope he has been rehabilitated and makes the best of his second chance. In the meantime, the community will be watching. All the best to your family...
Big Brown August 17, 2012 at 01:25 AM
they are always remorseful afterwards, and of course the story is always "not as bad" coming from the offender. Why would it matter if he party with her or not? You still dont force sex on anyone! At least someone believe his BS... Best of wishes to your family
Concerned Citizen August 17, 2012 at 02:57 AM
Big Brown, thank you... I could have written more in response to Mr. Dean's sibling but decided to take the high road but now feel compelled to comment. For the record, yes, I did research, all free of charge. It took me 3 minutes via internet to find the public records pertaining to this case and his other unrelated convictions. Despite your claims, your brother does have a history of criminal behavior. He has two other convictions - felony theft and felony burglary which is ultimately why he was named a suspect in this case. His DNA was present in the database and was matched to specimens taken from the victim's clothing. As for his not having a juvenile record, I made an inference that it's likely he has a juvenile record. Since Mr. Dean was convicted of a crime at 19, that's a reasonable inference. I wouldn't know for sure since juvenile records are sealed. You say he doesn't. Okay... You say he made a bad judgment. I would say pulling a gun on someone and sexually assaulting them is exceedingly more than just bad judgment. Also, it matters less if the two parties had an encounter earlier or the victim's age. It doesn't matter if she was 2, 22 or 222. Don't judge, you say, your brother has been rehabilitated. Great! You're right, he's served his time and deserves a second chance. However, the consequences of his behavior will last his lifetime. Why wouldn't the community be concerned? If he wasn't your brother, wouldn't you be? Praying for the best...


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