Hopkins High Student Arrested Friday for Firecracker

A juvenile male was arrested by Minnetonka Police.

A firecracker incident occurred Friday, Dec. 21, around 1 p.m. at Hopkins High School. A juvenile male was arrested by the Minnetonka Police Department.

On Friday afternoon, a student let off a firecracker in the high school. No one was hurt and the student responsible was identified and reprimanded in accordance with school policy. As always, in dealing with that incident, we worked closely with the Minnetonka Police Department. We sent out a message to parents Friday afternoon to dispel rumors and assure parents that all students were safe. 

Over the holiday weekend, I was made aware of some alarming tweets that were starting to circulate. The Minnetonka Police Department has been alerted to this situation. We are diligently investigating this and will proceed with a keen eye on ensuring our staff and students return to a great start for the new year. We also sent a message to high school parents letting them know we were aware of the situation and were proceeding accordingly. Safety of students is always our number one priority. 

Jolene Goldade

Public Relations/Communications Coordinator of Hopkins Public Schools 

Rumors have been surrounding the incident. Students have been sending tweets on Twitter such as these: 

• Can't believe someone lit off firecrackers in the mall to sound like gunshots... Especially after sandy hook. #hopkins

• ‏@TrillMcWill If you go to Hopkins High i advise you not to go on the first day after break unless you wanna risk getting shot. Hmu & ill give details

• @lucyxpierro haha if you heard what it sounded like you would've ran for your life like I did! Lol

• ‏@royalproblem If you're gonna pull that prank don't do it right after 27 people were murdered in a school... You're a #royalproblem #disrespect

• ‏@zac_merie My life just flashed before me... #fastestmallclearout #onlyathopkins

The Minnetonka Police are aware of the other situation but don’t have anything further to share at this time.

Patch will provide further updates as they come.


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