DNA, Fingerprints Lead Cops to Man Accused of Running Over Woman

The woman said he was angry she wouldn’t let him come inside.

DNA and fingerprints from a car have led to charges against a Minneapolis man accused of running over the mother of his child when she wouldn’t let him come inside her Hopkins home.

Prosecutors charged 48-year-old Kevin Lee Schultze with criminal vehicular operation, a felony that carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Schultze came to officers’ attention Feb. 7 when an unnamed woman who is the mother of his 11-year-old child told police he’d run over her, Detective Raymond Laudenbach wrote in the criminal complaint filed last week.

She said she’d called Schultze for a ride to local restaurant. He gave her a ride to the restaurant and then back. After they returned, he got angry when she wouldn’t let him follow her inside, the woman told police.

She said she got out of the vehicle and turned to grab her food but Schultze put the vehicle in reverse and backed up quickly, according to the court documents. She became entangled in the door and was dragged by the vehicle. She also thought she had been run over by one of the tires.

The woman had “significant” road rash, bruising on both elbows, numbing and tingling in her arms and various other scrapes—injuries that have led to scarring.

Officers found a vehicle that belonged to Schultze’s mother, but they found several pieces of paper with his name inside and found his fingerprints on a Led Zeppelin CD.

DNA from a blood-like substances on the glass of the front and rear door also matched the woman’s DNA profile.


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