Simon Shares Expectations and Priorities for 2013-14

The District 46B legislator reflects on what Minnesotans want and what his priorities are.


Editor’s Note: The following update comes from Rep. Steve Simon (DFL-District 46B).


Dear friends, 

For the first time in 22 years, one political party controls the Governorship, the House, and the Senate in Minnesota. That arrangement brings an opportunity to minimize gridlock at the Capitol, but also the need to govern in a responsible way. If the party in control does too much too fast, voters could seek a “course-correction” at the next election. But if the party in control is too timid about taking on big challenges, voters will also take note. For me, this means setting expectations and priorities for the current legislative session.


What Minnesotans Expect

It seems to me that Minnesotans generally want:

  • Less political game-playing and a willingness to compromise for the good of Minnesota. Lawmakers will not always agree with one-another, but they should at least operate in good faith.
  • An honest budget without unnecessary gimmicks and a focus on long-term prosperity.
  • Attention to real issues and challenges. Jobs and the economy are still top concerns, as are education, transportation, public safety, and government reform.

My Own Priorities

  • Focus on job creation and growing our economy.
  • Pay back the money that was irresponsibly borrowed from our schools over the past two years and invest in educational excellence.
  • Support a budget that uses a balanced approach of both spending cuts and revenue increases.
  • Build a modern transportation system consisting of roads, rail, and buses.
  • Advocate for the vulnerable, including consumers targeted by fraud, and children victimized by abuse.
  • As Chair of the House Elections Committee, work to reform our election and campaign finance systems in a bipartisan way. 
  • Value inclusiveness and tolerance.
  • Make government more open and accountable – to maximize taxpayer value.

As always, please contact me any time about any issue, idea, or concern.


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