Sen. Latz: Bachmann’s Comments ‘Are An Embarrassment,’ ‘Shameless’

‘Minnesotans deserve better,’ the state senator said.

Editor’s Note: Sen. Ron Latz (DFL-District 46) released the following statement in response to that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the highest levels of government. The 6th District congresswoman has targeted individuals ranging from a Hillary Clinton aide to U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison. The accusations have not been proven and Bachmann has not substantiated her claims.


Rep. Bachmann’s latest slanderous accusations are an embarrassment to our state and our country. Her statements have no place in the American political dialogue and amount to a paranoid witch-hunt, reeking of religious intolerance. She continues to reveal herself as an irresponsible political extremist. Minnesotans deserve better.

She has so far failed to provide even one shred of evidence supporting her allegations.  So, I join many other public officials and citizens from all political backgrounds in calling upon Rep. Bachmann to stop her shameless character assault and publicly clear the names of any individuals she has targeted. I further call upon the state Republican party to renounce her statements.

Dennis Holman July 22, 2012 at 05:28 AM
Residents of Senate District 46 deserve better than Senator Ron Latz, who purposely misrepresents Rep. Michele Bachmann's reasonable request (hardly "allegations", or didn't his legal education cover the definition of that word) and his refusal to consider the jeopardy in which national security is placed as the result of possible lapses in the process for the granting of federal security clearances. While Rep. Bachmann serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence which gives her oversight of the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency and the rest of the U.S. intelligence community, what special knowledge of national security issues and procedures does Latz purport to possess that equips him to weigh in on this matter?
David July 22, 2012 at 07:55 PM
I agree with Dennis. This man is the embarrassment here. Just read his end of session review to see how he laments not producing even more regulations and laws as if that is the measure of 'productivity' in Congress or a state legislature. Justifying their pay and perks is all that is. Will Rogers was right when he said, "No man is safe while Congress is in session." People like Rep. Latz prove Mr. Rogers wisdom applies to state legislatures as well. Ellison is tied to CAIR which fronts for all sorts of politically radical Muslim groups like the Brotherhood. But don't believe me or Bachmann. How about you hear it from the FBI: CAIR Identified by the FBI as part of the Muslim Brotherhood's Palestine Committee "Dallas--In testimony Tuesday, FBI Agent Lara Burns reported before the jury in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was listed as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee, right alongside HLF, the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), and the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR). Agent Burns further testified that CAIR received money from HLF - a claim that Nihad Awad blatantly denied in a congressional testimony in September of 2003." http://counterterrorismblog.org/2007/08/cair_identified_by_the_fbi_as.php
Gretchen Peterson July 24, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Thank you, Sen. Latz, for being a voice of REASON. :)
Ossie_John August 07, 2012 at 07:24 PM
As many have pointed out from both sides of the aisle, including Speaker Boehner, Sen. McCain, and Bachmann's own former Campaign Director, Huma Abedin was rigorously investigated, vetted, and cleared through a top-secret security clearance procedure peformed by Diplomatic Security in consultation with the FBI. That is a basic requirement to assume the position she currently holds. These investigations often take a year, with literally over a hundred individuals personally interviewed about the subject's beliefs, associations, behavior, spending patterns, and loyalties. She passed. Free and clear. For Bachmann to raise this now is NOTHING more than a vile and self-serving attack on what has become an easy target - persons who happen to be Muslim. With so many leading voices from the Republican party openly acknowledging this, it's sad that Tea Partiers still refuse to.
Kathy Rendall August 09, 2012 at 04:09 AM
Keith is not a true Muslim at all. He is in bed with CAIR and he needs to be voted out. Keith has poor constituent service; and, he bailed out on his wife when she needed him the most. Vote NO-against Keith Ellison!! Kathy Rendall


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