Parents Talk: What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Have you resolved to have a family movie night each week? Take more time for yourself? Share your 2013 resolutions in the comments section below.

I make new resolutions every year. There's something about Jan. 1 that makes me want to start some things fresh.

And usually I'm able to stick to about half of them—like giving up watermelon for the month of February or taking a nap once a week. (Wink)

Try as I might, I haven't been able to convince myself that a gym is a great place to be three times a week—however, I'll give it another shot in 2013.

Patch wants to know what resolutions you've made for the new year. Have you vowed to have a family movie night each week? Take a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park? Make a standing date with your partner? Or maybe you've decided to count to three before yelling at your clumsy nine-year-old for breaking yet another glass dish.

Tell us your resolutions in the comments section below. If you haven't made any yet, feel free to steal one from above. (Another wink)


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