Letter: Engineer Backs Dave Wahlstedt for County Commissioner

“It’s time for real citizens like Dave to have a turn at solving problems in government.”

To the editor:

I have met Dave several times over the last few months and have been
impressed by his down to earth, calm demeanor. He can handle crises
calmly and take on challenges as they arise.

In his work as an engineer and a project manager, Dave has brought life-saving medical devices into production. As a project manager, you can’t afford to go over budget. Dave understands real budgets and is the best choice for Hennepin County at time when county debt service is up by over fifty percent in the last four years. Over the next four years, it will increase to over $100 million per year, even with no new borrowing!

As a fellow engineer, it’s clear to me how Dave Wahlstedt has an enormous amount to offer Hennepin County. Engineers are results oriented. They know how to make ideas into reality instead of just talking about them. Dave knows that throwing money at problems doesn’t solve them—good ideas, implemented efficiently, do.

Dave Wahlstedt’s background helps him communicate effectively with people with diverse backgrounds and work in teams efficiently. He is an excellent leader, communicator and most of all, a voice for the business owners, employees and tax payers in Hennepin County. You can’t beat real-world business and budgeting experience. It’s time for real citizens like Dave to have a turn at solving problems in government. What Hennepin County needs now is a leader like Dave Wahlstedt.

Chad Furey

Hopkins, MN


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