VIDEOS: Former ‘Cruiser’ Remembers Going Up and Down Mainstreet

Driving up and down Hopkins’ Mainstreet used to be a popular activity.

On Thursday, Patch wrote about the years-past tradition of teens cruising Mainstreet every weekend.

Young drivers used to spend their evening showing off their prized vehicles by driving up and down the thoroughfare, which used to be called Excelsior Boulevard and Excelsior Avenue West.

YouTube user MisterPersuasion, whose real name is Russell Jones, captured that atmosphere on 8-millimeter film in 1979 for a cable access channel special and uploaded it to the Web.

Jones also spoke in detail on the subject for a 2009 cable access interview with Gregg Reed.

“We couldn’t believe how bright the lights were in downtown Hopkins,” Jones said during the interview.

Check out the interview in the videos above and then share your memories in the comments below. Don't forget to mention your beloved vehicle. And if you have photos from your cruising days, click here to share them with your neighbors.


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