Pizza Ranch, Missing Campaign Signs and Chris Kluwe: Feedback Friday

The most thoughtful, moving, controversial or just plain funny comments from around the west metro between Oct. 12 and Oct. 18.

Each week, Patch users contribute numerous insights, opinions and observations. The following is a collection of the most thoughtful, moving, controversial or just plain funny comments that appeared on Patch sites in Eden Prairie, Edina, Golden Valley, Hopkins, Minnetonka, Richfield, Shakopee, Plymouth, St. Louis Park and St. Michael. Click on the headline to read the full story and join in the conversation.

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Are Missing Campaign Signs a Problem in Minnetonka?

However bothersome it might be, election signs being stolen from yards is nothing out of the ordinary. While residents can file complaints with the Minnetonka Police Department about missing or damaged campaign signs, there is generally nothing that can be done.

Chuck Heubach would prefer that no political signs were posted at all:

While it is unacceptable to see any personal property destroyed, there is little reason to ask the municipalities to police the problem, which is temporary at best. Although I would never enter a persons property to remove or damage a legally posted sign, I find all signs other than those necessary for directional or the public safety to be obtrusive to our beautiful cities...at the most beautiful time of the year. I guess I just don't care what your political agenda is!

A Rundown of the Proposed Richfield Referendum

Once again Richfield voters will be charged with voting for or against a proposed referendum, or operating levy, this November.

And with two other ballot questions before voters, Sean Hayford Oleary said this is one thing he will not hesitate to vote "yes" on:

While I'm sure I'll be voting "no" on a couple other ballot questions, I'll be happy to vote "yes" on these. It's a shame that we have to resort to regressive property taxes to fund our schools, rather than more money coming from the state, but the schools shouldn't be punished for that unfortunate political reality.

Pizza Ranch Dishes Up Outlaw Pie at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Residents and Shakopee Chamber of Commerce members attended the ceremony for Pizza Ranch, which opened in July. Owner Doug Lake said that the restaurant has received steady business since its opening.

Micheal Moy had positive feedback for the restaurant:

We have been there numerous times with our family of 5. Great food and service everytime. Thank you for opening a Pizza Ranch in Shakopee.

Council Puts a Crimp in Eliot Development by Voting Against Plan Change

It could be back to the drawing board for a proposal to turn the vacant Eliot School building into a 144-unit apartment complex in St. Louis Park. City Council on Monday rejected a change to the city's comprehensive plan, which is needed for the project to go forward because the area is currently zoned for civic—not residential—use.

Jodi J applauded the decision:

We have way more than enough apartment buildings in the city. We could certainly use more green ( park) style areas. That would add to the Cedar Lake neighborhood that is already tainted with some shady apartment complexes.

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is deperately seeking a debate opponent.

Kluwe, a vocal advocate for gay marriage who has recently been speaking out against the proposed constitutional marriage amendment, reportedly sent out letters to ten prominent Minnesota Republicans—including Edina's Keith Downey—asking them to take part in a public debate over the proposed amendment.

Reader Leanne Montgomery said she had a hard time believing the alleged letter never reached Downey's mailbox:

Keith's address is public. He would have certainly received a letter, if it had indeed been sent. Unless maybe you want to start blaming the post office now...

Meanwhile, Taylor Blunte was upset to see Kluwe using his position with the Vikings to further his political agenda:

How dare Chris Kluwe use the Viking organization and his official jersey in pictures promoting this stunt? Since we are footing the bill for his new "office", the Viking Stadium, isn't he now considered a government employee? What a waste.

Hennepin County Won't Support Local Road Project

The City of Golden Valley wanted to add a second left turn lane to the south side of Winnetka Avenue North and Highway 55. But Hennepin County refused to give Golden Valley a letter of support--a necessary step in the funding process, since Highway 55 is a county road.

Sheila Bahl had this to say about Hennepin County's decision:

I am very proud of our city council members for not being bullied by Hennepin County. There seems to be a lack of respect for Golden Valley by Hennepin County. They would not dream of putting the light rail through the Rose Garden or along the lakes in Mpls, but have no trouble at ruining our nature area and wetlands. I feel there is somewhat of a value judgement going on here because our lakes are not surrounded by million dollar homes.

Parent's Talk: Giving Advice To New Parents

As a parent-to-be advice from people you know and don't know is never in short supply. Much has been good advice and as a new parent it can be information overload.

Veteran parent Willow gave some advice:

I am smiling right now after reading this, as I jiggle my three-week-old, seventh child. I have lots to say but none of it would matter because each child, each parent, and each season of life is different. Just be flexable, relax, never say never, remind yourself that "this too shall pass" when baby is challanging, and enjoy your precious little one when he/she arrives. Congratulations!

Is Southwest LRT a Campaign Asset or Obstacle?

While supporters are still working to promote the Southwest Transitway, one campaign ad uses a candidate’s backing for the project as its most-visible selling point. What role does light rail play in this election?

Norann Dillon had an answer:

I think the SW Line should be an obstacle for those who support it. 85% of the funding from Hennepin County comes from property taxes. How many folks are willing to pay higher property taxes to support the SW Line? Here's the most recent Hennepin County Rail Authority's budget (http://bit.ly/RF6lhi)

Another Case of Campaign Vandalism

And going back to campaign signs, a large "Vote No" sign was vandalized in Albertville during the week, prompting people from both sides to show support for the right to express an opinion. 

Rick stated: 

It boils down to respect. I am a fiscal conservative and am for the Marriage Amendment, but the question has to be asked... what right does anyone have to desecrate anothers property?


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