MAP: How Long Does It Take Hopkins Drivers to Get to Work?

Hopkins drivers spend less time in the car than most in the country. See how your commute compares to the rest of the Twin Cities.

Hopkins commuters are a little better off than most in the country. Residents here spend about 20 minutes in the car on a one-way trip to work, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Residents can see how their trips stack up with the commute times for other Twin Cities suburbs using the interactive map above, produced by WNYC's John Keefe.

The map, developed using data taken from the 2006-2011 U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey five-year estimates, shows the average commute time nationwide is 25.4 minutes.

In the Twin Cities metro area, the map looks something like a donut around Minneapolis. The average commute gets longer and longer the further from Minneapolis that someone lives—but starts dropping off past a certain point as fewer and fewer people commute to the downtown.

The longest average commute times are in far northern suburbs—such as East Bethel, Monticello and Montrose. Drives in these cities exceed 35 minutes.


Tell us your commuting horror story by posting in the comments section below.


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