Amy Senser, House Fire and Mug Shot: Feedback Friday

The most thoughtful, moving, controversial or just plain funny comments from around the west metro between July 6 and July 12.

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Erik Paulsen says health care bill burdens next generation with debt and threatens good private coverage.

Ginny Jones disagreed with the congressman:

I am so tired of Republicans and the constant criticism against our president. What are their plans? What is so scary about helping ALL of the people instead of those who can already afford to pay for their health care.
What is so tragic is that so many people believe these sound bites and hurt themselves with an uninformed vote. The words "no taxes" are used to scare people but they don't ever consider all the "fees" that are added onto their daily costs. We are taxed on our cars, licenses, gas, electricity, heating, entertainment, liquor, property etc.

What are the hidden issues behind not wanting health care for all the people?

For the second time in two weeks, St. Louis Park dedicated a win to friend Derrick Keller. Wednesday night's Legion game marked the first home game since Keller's death two weeks ago. His parents, Bob and Linda Keller, were recognized in a special pre-game ceremony and Derrick's No. 15 jersey was retired in a touching tribute.

Guy Davidson was impressed with the win:

wow - Eden Prairie... keep up the good work you guys

4:55 p.m. Monday evening. However, the couple escaped without injuries with the help of three neighbors, who also happen to be City of Richfield employees.

Mike McLean was impressed by the neighbors' quick thinking:

Who says that neighbors are no longer neighborly. Great story of people getting involved.

An Edina man whose blood-alcohol content registered at three and a half times the legal limit has been charged with drunken driving after police say he offered to pay them $1,000 to let him go. Samuel Edward Waters, 22, is charged with two gross misdemeanors: refusing to submit to field sobriety tests and third-degree driving while intoxicated, each of which carries a maximum penalty of a year in jail and a $3,000 fine. He is also charged with hitting a car and driving away without stopping, a misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Kelly McNutt was not amused by Waters' actions, saying the Edina man endangered the lives of several other individuals:

Sure, you only live once, so why not go through it making a complete fool of yourself and endangering other people's lives and livelihoods? This is not this numbskull's first time stepping out in such an obnoxious manner, nor is it his first time being arrested for it. From the Wednesday, Oct 12, 2011 Medina Police Blotter: "On Saturday, Sept. 10, at 2:17 a.m. at Evergreen Rd. and Linden Dr., Samuel Edward Waters, 22, of Edina was arrested for DWI-Test Refusal." This guy has a drinking problem AND a bad case of douchebaggery.

Peter Gold took a slightly tongue-in-cheek view of the crimes Waters was charged with:

Other charges:

* Refusing to obey an order to "Drop the burrito and show us your hands, dude!" ;) 
* Seriously, though, Isn't attempting to bribe police officers a chargeable offense?

Amy Senser Sentenced to Prison – in Shakopee

The Star Tribune reported Amy Senser will spend 41 months in prison for the hit-and-run death of Anousone Phanthavong.

She will serve her time in Shakopee, since it is the only  in the state.

"We only have one prison in Minnesota for adult female offenders," said John Schadl, Minnesota Department of Corrections spokesman.

Ryan Schwartz wondered about security since the facility is not enclosed with a fence:

Offender involved in a high profile court case + very low security prison = New safety issue? In this case, keeping emotionally-charged people away from Senser rather than stopping inmates from leaving.

Children filled Hopkins’ Mainstreet on Monday evening for the Raspberry Festival’s annual Kiddie Parade. The children dressed up to try to win trophies for best costume or theme then pedaled, walked or rode from to .

LORI FREIBERG described how this will be her daughter's last time to participate:

Way to go to all the children in the Kiddie Parade!! How fun for them!!! RUTHIE, Mom and you have put together some wonderful costumes! I have enjoyed the eight years!! Thank you Ruthie!! We (Ruthie and mom) together decided that this would be "RUTHIE'S LAST KIDDIE PARADE". Ruthie is upset about it because she has done it since she was six months old. It is time to watch others enjoy what she has enjoyed for eight years!! Thank you Jeff D for all the great time and years you put into this wonderful CITY " HOPKINS Raspberry Days!!" THANK YOU, From LORI and RUTH FREIBERG!!!

rob_h78 July 20, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Health Care and Republicans The last time the Republicans were in charge they did do something about health care. They pushed and passed Medicare Part D. Two of the key provisions of Medicare Part D is the following: 1) It makes it illegal for the government to negotiate prices for drugs with drug companies so taxpayers get to pay pretty much whatever the drug companies tell us to pay. 2) It has no funding mechanism so it just keeps adding to the debt. Personally - I am terrified of any potential remedies the Republicans would actually do since its easy to babble on when you can't pass anything - but once we look at what they actually DID do - we can see the way they operate.


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