House Fire, a Sex Offender and GPS Tracking: Feedback Friday

The most thoughtful, moving, controversial or just plain funny comments from around the west metro between Nov. 23 and Nov. 29.

Each week, Patch users contribute numerous insights, opinions and observations. The following is a collection of the most thoughtful, moving, controversial or just plain funny comments that appeared on Patch sites in Eden Prairie, Edina, Golden Valley, Hopkins, Minnetonka, Richfield, Shakopee, Plymouth, St. Louis Park and St. Michael. Click on the headline to read the full story and join in the conversation.

(The comments below are not meant to reflect the opinions of Patch or its staff.)


Victims Identified in Minnetonka House Fire

The names of the victims in the Friday night fire in Minnetonka were released Sunday. Brian Humphry, 78, and Sandra McLeod Humphrey, 76, were found dead in their home at 19 Westwood Road after the fire was extinguished.

O. Warfield praised the life of Sandy:

Oh My Gosh! I just found out. Sandy McLeod was an inspiration to many of us. As an author, she was my mentor and I never got to express how much she meant to me. I planned to meet her one day, some way. If I live the kind of life she'd want me to, maybe I still will. My deepest sympathies to Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey's family and friends.

Parents Talk: Should You Track Your Kids with GPS?

With GPS in phones, computers, and other devices, Patch asked readers what they thought about using the technology to track kids.

A Shakopee Patch Facebook commenter doesn't have a problem with it:

Track them? ... I would put a GPS chip in my kids if we could...

Level Three Sex Offender Leaves Golden Valley

This week, Minneapolis police announced that Clarence Opheim, a 64-year-old level three sex offender, will be moving to the 5700 block of Sander Drive in Minneapolis. Opheim moved to a Golden Valley halfway house last March after completing a treatment program for sex offenders. Patch User BarT had this to say about Opheim and the neighborhood meeting:

I'd be curious to know what his occupation was where he could meet, lure and have access to so many unattended children. How could he pull the wool over the eyes of fifty parents? I also find it funny that a mob of "disturbed" people would meet in a church. First, because a church is supposedly a place of grace, mercy and forgiveness; Secondly, that is where the angry mob met in the Frankenstein movie; third, Christianity is based upon the marriage of a forty year old man and thirteen year old girl. The irony abounds.

Supervalu Reports Run on Twinkies: Eden Prairie Business Roundup

Hostess is going through bankruptcy. As a result, SuperValu officials reported a run on the company's pastries, including Twinkies and Ding Dongs.

J said:

One thing many people have not realized is that most of the popular brands breads have gone away. It was one thing for Twinkies, Dingdongs, and mini doughnuts but Shop N Save private brands were made by this company. Many cheaper offers have now been discontinued and is greatly affecting the lower income class who never usually spent more than $2.00 for a loaf of bread.

Former St. Louis Park Mayor Dies In Florida 

The Star Tribune reports that 'Mr. St. Louis Park' Lyle Hanks, 82, died in Florida earlier this month.

Shannon Kottner said:

Hanks was also a principal at St Louis Park high school and I remember him coming to your class, pulling you out into the hall and saying 'where were you during X hour yesterday.' He was a big part of high school and is remembered for all he did for us young kids.

Underage Drinking Forum Taking Place at EHS

An open discussion regarding underage drinking—and the liability of parents—was scheduled for 7 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 26, at Edina High School.

The Edina High School Parent Council presented the forum, where a panel of speakers discussed underage drinking, curfews, drug possession, hosting and chaperoning parties, parent liability and legal consequences.

Reader David F said he'd like to see the district focus on some other pressing matters:

What also should be discussed is how comments and photos on social media sites regarding drinking and drugs can come back to haunt students later in life like trying to get a job or college admission.

Report Estimates Unite Edina Detachment Would Cost Hopkins $550K

A proposal to carve off a piece of Edina from the Hopkins school district would cost Hopkins more than $550,000 in lost revenue, increase property taxes for those who remain in the district and jack up taxes for those whose properties change districts, according to a report released Thursday.

Alan said Hopkins should consider the future:

Hopkins should not accept this without proper compensation for at least 10 years of lost revenue.

Buffalo Mom Charged with Allegedly Storing Meth Paraphernalia Accessible to Child

Police say a 12-year-old boy brought a sample of crystal meth to his school principal to report that his mother was doing drugs. The mother was charged with allegedly storing a glass bulb pipe in a safe where her son could access it.

Lisa said the focus should be on getting help for the mom for the sake of her children:

Her children are so nice and polite. I pray and hope for all of them that Sabina gets help and treatment. Maybe this will be a huge wake up call for her. It's so sad when people get so addicted and they screw up so bad where kids are hurt... I'm sure this is not the life she wanted for her children and for herself. I hope people stop hating for the kids' sake. They have access to this and facebook where there is a lot of hating going on about their mom. Whether she deserves this or not, the kids didn't, and they don't deserve to see this article and this horrible talk about their mom. They love her and obviously want to help her.


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