Health Department Warns of Water Treatment Systems Scams

High profile investigations of groundwater contamination have led to an increase in complaints about deceptive sales activities.


Editor's Note: The following announcement comes from the City of Hopkins.


The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is reminding Minnesota residents to beware of false claims, deceptive sales pitches, and scare tactics being used by some water treatment companies to sell expensive and unnecessary water treatment systems. High profile investigations of groundwater contamination in Washington County and elsewhere in the state have resulted in a noticeable increase in the number of complaints regarding such deceptive sales activities.

City water is safe to drink unless you are notified directly by the city that the water is not safe, as Minneapolis recently did due to a broken water main. The United States Environmental Protection Agency sets standards for public water supplies and the water is tested regularly to ensure that these standards are met. You can find out more about the quality and safety of City of Hopkins water by going to Water Quality. You can find out more about the MDH warning about unnecessary water treatment systems by going to the MDH website.


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