Forgotten Toddlers, Restaurants and Segregation: Top Stories of January

Did you catch all these stories?

Here’s a recap of the posts that generated the most interest on Hopkins Patch in January. Did you catch all of them?


  • An aunt left a 2-year-old and 3-year-old in a vehicle that wasn’t running while she stopped in Lindee’s to drink on the night of Jan. 27. Readers later learned that the toddlers may have been left in the vehicle for up to two hours without jackets, hats or gloves at a time when the temperature was 25 degrees. 

Boston Garden to Close for Good Jan. 31

  • After 30 years serving Mainstreet customers, Boston Garden will closed its doors for good this week. In its place, three former owners of a Bloomington restaurant will be opening a pizzeria.

American Grill to Open in Old Mayon Plastics Building

  • Streetz Great American Grill will occupy the northern unit at the old Mayon Plastics building at 17th Avenue and Highway 7, a development that’s been renamed Crossroads Plaza.

Open Enrollment Isn’t Making Hopkins Schools More Segregated

  • Hopkins is among the few school districts in the state where open enrollment is not leading to greater segregation between white and minority students, according to a University of Minnesota Law School study published this month.

60-Year-Old Hopkins Woman Knifes Man During Cocaine Argument

  • A 60-year-old woman is accused of attacking a man with a knife following an argument over cocaine Jan. 14


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