Census Bureau Shows Hopkins Grew Faster than State Average in 2011

Hopkins is also more diverse than a typical Minnesota community.

Hopkins saw faster growth than the rest of the state in 2011, according American Community Survey estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The city’s population grew 1.4 percent over a little more than a year—from 17,591 in April 1, 2010 to 17,837 on July 1, 2011.

Meanwhile, Minnesota as a whole saw .8 percent growth over the same time period.

The American Community Survey statistics are the results of surveys from 2007 to 2011. Combining five-years of analysis allows surveyors to compile detailed statistical profiles of small areas.

The results for Hopkins paint a picture of a community that is more diverse and more educated than the state average—but worse off financially.

Whites account for 70.4 percent of the population, about 15 percentage points lower than for Minnesota as a whole, while the 13.5 percent of the population that blacks make up is nearly three times the state ratio.

Much of this diversity comes from the community’s immigrant population. Foreign-born residents make up 16.5 percent of the population, and nearly one in five residents speak a language other than English at home.

Educators have focused much attention on the “achievement gap” between white students and students of color. But Hopkins remains more educated than the typical Minnesota community. The city exceeds the state rate for high school graduates by 1.3 percentage points and the rate for bachelor’s degrees or higher by 7.3 percentage points.

This doesn’t translate into above average financial success, though. The city has more people below the poverty line, a lower per capita income than the state average and a much lower median household income—$48,533 compared to the state’s $58,476.


Select American Community Survey Data

Hopkins Minnesota Population 2011 Population 17,837 5,344,861 2010 Population 17,591 5,303,925 Population change 1.4% .8% Race/ethnicity (2010)
White 70.4% 85.3% Black 13.5% 5.2% American Indian/Alaskan native 0.6% 1.1% Asian 8.5% 4.0% Native Hawaiian/Pacific islander n/a
n/a Hispanic/Latino 7.9% 4.7% Immigration/language (2007-2011)
Foreign born 16.5% 7.1% Language other than English spoken at home 19.7% 10.5% Education (2007-2011)
High school graduate or higher 92.9% 91.6% Bacherlor's degree or higher 39.1% 31.8% Housing (2007-2011)
Homeownership rate 39.3% 73.6% Housing units in multi-unit structures 58.3% 21.6% Median value of owner-occupied housing units $225,200 $201,400 Income (2007-2011)
Per capita money income in the past 12 months $29,498 $30,310 Median household income $48,533 $58,476 Below the poverty level 11.9% 11.0%



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