Tax Tips, Big News, and Thoughts Provoked: Best of the Blogs

A roundup of the best blogs you posted on Hopkins Patch this week.

This week, we're highlighting the best blog posts of the last two weeks, as your editor was on vacation the week of Mar. 25.

Every week, we round up the four best blogs from Hopkins Patch to give you lovely readers much-deserved recognition, and as a service to aspiring posters who aren't sure what makes for a hit post. We'll sample the length and breadth of your submissions, and briefly explain what—the topic, the photos, the headline, or the writing—made the post or posts great.

Best Blog

Ric Lager - Lager, a financial adviser, riffed on the way many basketball fans try to predict the outcome of the yearly NCAA March Madness tournament to make a thought-provoking point about retirement investments while showing off his expertise, and wrapped it all up in clear and engaging prose.


  • Corey Butler - A representative of the Minnesota Society of Professional CPAs, Butler is sharing a raft of helpful tax tips with Hopkins Patch readers as we all scramble to render unto Ceasar by April 14. Helpful and timely!
  • Frank Landis - A parent of a student on the Minnetonka-Hopkins (Mini-Hops) gymnastics team, Landis shared some great photos and scores of the four the local girls who took part in the recent state gymnastics championships. His post was short and sweet, but it gave the gals recognition they may not have gotten elsewhere.
  • Alyssa Markle - Markle used Patch to announce the birth of a new nonprofit that she works for, City Stay. While her headline didn't immediately grab you, Markle's post quickly explained the great news about her group.

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