Specialty Whiskey, Craft Beer Store Coming to Hopkins

The owner of Merwin Liquors is in the process of buying Mac’s Liquor.

Mac's Liquor
Mac's Liquor

Hopkins is becoming the destination of choice for specialty beer and liquor. First two business owners announced plans for a taproom in the downtown. Now another business appears set to start a niche liquor store near Blake and Excelsior.

The City Council on Tuesday granted a liquor license to Mac’s Wine LLC. The company is in the process of buying Mac’s Liquor from LHL Investments. The company hopes to take ownership of the store Sunday, said Louis Dachis, president of Mac’s Wine. It will then rename the store Ace Spirits.

Dachis is owner/operator of Merwin Liquors—which has stores in Minneapolis, Maple Grove and Falcon Heights. But he has different plans for Ace Spirits. He aims to remodel the store and transform it into a specialty whiskey and craft beer store.

A timeline of when the changes will happen wasn’t available.

Mike B. July 24, 2013 at 07:55 PM
I would suggest a more understated sign and a nicer-looking exterior as well to attract a higher-end clientele.
Eric Anondson July 26, 2013 at 11:18 AM
Well, Mike B., there is only so far classy can carry you when you are going in to that strip. :/ It does seem to hint that the East End area is about to see development interest when these kind of businesses move into an area. You never know, but I wouldn't dismiss the idea that the coming station makes the location a bit more attractive.


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