Calling All Amateur Photographers — Share Your Hopkins Pics

Upload a photo to the Hopkins Patch Neighborhood Gallery and it could be "Pic of the Day"! How would you describe the city in a single picture — or even a dozen?

If a picture says a thousand words, then Hopkins Patch wants to write a novel.

We're looking for pictures of Hopkins that capture the culture of a community, share a beautiful scene, or tell a story.

Get snapping and then upload your photos to the Hopkins Patch Neighborhood Gallery.

The best photos will be used for features like "Pic of the Day."

Here are the kind of pictures we're hoping for from local photographers, whether you're using a smartphone or a professional camera:

  • Food photos from local restaurants
  • Landscapes, such as sunsets or downtown buildings
  • Pictures of local nature, including flowers and trees
  • Photos of events around town
  • Pictures that capture life in Hopkins

Please include a caption with your photo describing where it was taken and any relevant context. All photos will be attributed to the photographer and may be used in future Patch articles.

How would you describe Hopkins in a single photo, or a dozen? Share your pictures here.


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