A Chat with Santa Claus

Hopkins Patch sat down with old St. Nick on Wednesday to discuss the holiday season.

Santa Claus travels far and wide, but that doesn’t mean Hopkins slips far from his mind.  

On Wednesday, he visited the community and took some time out of his busy season to chat with Hopkins Patch about holiday traditions, the perfect gift and the meaning of Christmas.

(Want to see more of Santa? He’s appearing in through Dec. 26. Visit the organization’s website for show times and to buy tickets.)


Hopkins Patch: So Santa, what is your favorite part about coming to Hopkins?

Santa Claus: I love coming to Hopkins every year. It has such a nice, small-town feel here. When I come to the —which is one of my favorite places to go—I always see lots of little ones. And of course, that’s my favorite thing—seeing all the little ones.

Hopkins Patch: What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

Claus: Oh, I think getting in the sleigh and having those reindeer pull me all the way around the world. They never seem to get tired either. And I love seeing all the little Christmas trees lighting up, all the windows, as I come into a community. It feels warm even though the weather may not be warm. It makes me feel warm when I come in.

Hopkins Patch: What makes a good holiday gift?

Claus: My elves would say that an evergreen gift is the best gift anytime. An evergreen gift is one that never goes out of style—like a bicycle or a teddy bear or even a pogo stick, which you don’t hear a lot about anymore these days. But they are still considered evergreen gifts. And dolls, of course, for the little girls.

Hopkins Patch: What does the Christmas spirit mean to you since you represent so much of the Christmas spirit?

Claus: It’s true I’m recognized that way. I don’t feel as though I represent Christmas. I think Christmas is something unto itself. But it is obviously my favorite time of the year, and I love being associated with Christmas in people’s mind. Christmas is the time of giving, which is one thing I do practice. But it’s also a time for families. I think that’s the most important part about Christmas—families getting together.

Molly Cummings December 08, 2011 at 05:48 PM
We took our two grandsons to this terrific play. Don't miss it if you have a chance to see it, it's a delight!
mary December 24, 2011 at 03:03 PM
hello santa claus what am getting for christmas.from,Richie
Gisell pineda villatoro September 18, 2012 at 08:00 PM
santa you did not came last christmas


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