Trampoline Helps 93-Year-Old SLP Man Feel Young (VIDEO)

Elliott Royce exercises at Minnesota Twisters three times per week.

Elliott Royce likes jumping around.

The 93-year-old St. Louis Park resident—famous for his Dr. Seuss hats—showed off his skills last summer at Parktacular. But he's been at it for a lot longer.

For the last two years, Royce has been exercising three times per week at the Minnesota Twisters gym. Minnesota Twisters is an elite level trampoline and tumbling program currently based out of Minnetonka.

Pat Henderson, director of Minnesota Twisters, said her program is great for adults and seniors because trampolining is some of the best exercise around. NASA research has shown that it is 68 percent more efficient than jogging, and also outperforms swimming as a means of getting fit. Not surprisingly, then, trampolining has been used to train astronauts.

Henderson said it boils down to balance and body control.

"All seniors that come in for my adult program, they learn how to fall," she said. "If you know how to fall, you know how to stay standing up."

Royce agrees.

"To me, this makes more sense than (going to) a fitness studio," he said. "The reason this is so important to me is you're on your feet and you're on the ground and you're learning how to fall and you're learning how to get up."

Royce points to another elderly man he works out with as a great example of why the program is so great—the man could barely walk when he first started, but he is now able to move around much better.

The 93-year-old St. Louis Park standout said he will keep jumping around three times per week so he too can remain in top-notch shape.

"I like it. I'll be back," Royce said. "Everybody come and join me. This is great fun—and great exercise."

Joan Fenton October 20, 2012 at 01:55 AM
Way to go Elliott! You are an inspiration!


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