Do You Know Hopkins’ Snow Rules?

Follow these steps to avoid a ticket or tow.

With winter’s arrival, residents have to pay a bit more attention to Hopkins’ cold weather rules. Below are answers to some common questions.


What should I do when it snows?

Residents should remove their cars from city streets, parking spaces and right-of-ways when any snow falls, according to the city.


When does the city declare a snow emergency?

Hopkins declares a snow emergency when there is two or more inches than snow. The city notes that snow depths are measured in Hopkins—not the airport, where many snow measurements are reported.


How will I know whether a snow emergency has been declared?

To find out whether a snow emergency has been declared, call the city’s Snow Line at 952-939-1399. Residents can also receive alerts on their cell phone by signing up for Global Connect. The system will also alert people to water main breaks, evacuation or other crises. Land lines do not need to be registered.


What do residents have to do when the city declares a snow emergency?

Residents must remove their cars from city streets, parking spaces and right-of-ways. Any vehicles that aren’t moved may be towed. Restrictions remain in place until streets are plowed curb to curb and parking spaces are completely plowed. Those without their own off-street parking can click here to see a map of approved snow emergency parking locations.


When does towing begin?

For snow emergencies that begin in the afternoon or early evening, towing typically begins at 10 p.m. Towing typically begins at 8 a.m. for snow emergencies declared after 10 p.m. Still, towing could happen sooner if snowfall merits it. The Snow Line will have the actual time.


What do I do if my vehicle is towed?

Those with towed vehicles can call 952-949-2385 to find out how to reclaim their vehicle or click here for further details. Owners must show proof of ownership, proof of insurance and a valid driver's license.


How much will it cost?

  • $110 for a regular truck towing with same-day pick up
  • $120 for flatbed truck towing with same-day pick up
  • $30 for additional daily storage


Is the city getting rich off towing?

Hopkins doesn’t receive any money from towed vehicles; everything goes to the towing company. “The City would prefer not to tow a single vehicle,” according to its website.


Can I warm my vehicle up before I go to work?

A Hopkins ordinance prohibits drivers from leaving unattended vehicles running with the keys inside. “Please help us to prevent motor vehicle theft and a potentially dangerous situation for our officers, by not leaving your vehicle unsecure, running and unattended,” Police Sgt. Michael Glassberg wrote on the city’s Facebook page.


Can I use a remote starter?

The ordinance does not apply to remote starters, where no keys are in the ignition.


Who has to shovel sidewalks?

Hopkins ordinances specify that residents and businesses must shovel the sidewalks in front of their properties within 12 hours of the snowfall. If it’s not cleared within 24 hours, city workers will shovel the sidewalk and bill the property owner.


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Norman Teigen November 28, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Does anyone want to hazard a guess on the amount of snowfall in Hopkins this season? My thought is under twenty inches. Any one want to go over 20 inches?


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